Our company sells the following products: bags, containers, boxes and adhesive tapes.

Medical waste is a group which must be collected in accordance with appropriate precautionary measures, using specialized packaging and containers to ensure safety.

UAB “Termodinaminiai procesai” offers a wide range of packaging that meets the highest criteria.

Medical waste containers are made in such a way that contaminants are completely removed hygienically and safely. The products offered meet all the standards of the European Union and the Ministry of Environment. Thanks to containers, you can safely get rid of needles. Containers are very durable – puncture resistant and impermeable to moisture.

UAB “Termodinaminiai procesai” offers containers:    0.2 L, 0.7 L, 1 L, 2 L, 3.5 L, 5 L, 10 L and 20 L.


0,2 L

0,7 L

1 L

2 L

3 L

5 L

10 L

20 L


There are places where hygiene care is especially important. This is regulated by the law and regulation of the Minister of Health. It is therefore necessary to use medical waste bags.

Bags – like waste containers – are used for different types of waste. They are flexible and spacious, specially designed for hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, and other places where the risk of infection increases due to exposure to infectious material. Standard medical are resistant to moisture and damage due to contact with chemical agents, especially when using strong disinfectants.

UAB “Termodinaminiai procesai” also sells high quality large and small boxes and transparent adhesive tape.